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Welcome to 2AD Celebrating 75 Years.

This site is our way of looking back over the past seventy-five years of radio broadcasting in Armidale.

Armidale is situated in an area known as the ‘New England’ on the northern tablelands of New South Wales, Australia. Before settlement, the Aniwan people had been caretakers of this region for thousands of years. Welcome to Country, from Steve Widders on behalf of the Elders of the Aniwan People.

The New England has outstanding natural beauty with many World Heritage National Parks and Nature Reserves.

Armidale was first settled in the early 1830’s, following exploration of the area by John Oxley, and named after Armadale on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, the ancestral home of George James McDonald, Commissioner for Crown Lands at that time.

Armidale was proclaimed a City in 1885. It is a Cathedral City being the seat of the Anglican and Roman Catholic Bishops.

The New England is a rich rural area, renowned for its superfine wool, fat lambs and cattle, with specialist breeding facilities and headquarters for most of the breed societies in Australia. This region is also recognised for its ‘Cool Climate’ Wines.

Armidale is acknowledged as a centre for learning with the University of New England catering to over 4,000 internal students and over 15,000 external students from all parts of Australia and overseas, and a number of private schools - The Armidale School, New England Girls School, Presbyterian Ladies College and O’Connor Catholic College.

2AD was the first commercial radio station in Australia to be established and operated by a newspaper company, the Armidale Newspaper Company in February 1936.

We hope you’ll enjoy your wander through our history - with the many stories and photos of our station and an insight into the history of the Australian commercial radio industry.

Your comments and personal recollections of 2AD are also welcome.