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Armidale Express
Reg James
Grace Gibson Radio Productions
Webcessity – Web Design
Andrew McCann
University of New England Archives
Bill Oates
Armidale Folk Museum
Peter Chambers
National Film & Sound Archive
Commercial Radio Australia
Lu Danieli
Danieli Studios
Peter Poggioli
Roy Forsyth
Higginbotham Family
Peter Smith
Mike Moroney
Ted Wilkinson
George Arklay
Bill Morrison
Max Ellis
Perry Burrow
Hugh McCrindle
Wal Samut
Terry Gordon

Radio 2RE
Murray Nelson
Radio 2TM
Gavin Flannigan
Broadcast Operations
Bill Caralis
Armidale History Group
Judy Grieve
Graham Wilson
Bill Denison
Julie Brown
Ron Smith
Andrew Kollosche
Bob Holley
Bill Robertson
Tony Deakin
Swan Television
Northern Daily Leader
John Sommerlad
Stand Frazier
John Davies
Gray Clark