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First Staff


Manager 2AD & Chief Announcer

5 February 1936 - 28 August 1937

John Leslie Fitzmaurice Creighton (1899 - 1968)

John Creighton was born in Winchester England and educated at Gresham’s School.

He joined the Royal Flying Corps in 1916 at the age of seventeen and went to France as a pilot at eighteen, later serving in Italy and Salonica. While flying in France he was wounded...

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Chief Engineer

1936 – 1940?

Herbert Victor Lindo Taylor (1907 -       )

When Mr. E C Sommerlad, Managing Director of Northern Broadcasters Limited was searching for technical staff for the new radio station 2AD in Armidale, he approached one of the 2GB engineers, Lindo Taylor and offered him..

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1936 - 1937

Richard Peter Macgregor (1906 - 2005)

Peter was the first voice to be transmitted across the New England from Radio 2AD, with the test broadcast message “This is 2AD testing” the day prior to the official opening of the Station in February 1936. He used the radio name Peter Macgregor, (he said it ran more smoothly into the old microphones)...

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