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Glenn Innes Studio

From its inception, 2AD endeavored to provide a radio service to the New England region.
As the station’s signal strength increased from 100 watts to 200 watts then 1,000 and finally 2,000 watts, 2AD’s signal was being received by more and more New England residents from Walcha in the south to Guyra in the north. However, the Ben Lomond range midway between Guyra and Glen Innes had always reduced the station’s signal to points north of Guyra.

Glen Innes and district residents listened predominantly to the Inverell station 2LV, which was also owned by Northern Broadcasters and had opened a month after 2AD, the Inverell station was sold to Country Broadcasting Services (CBC) from Orange within a year of opening.

Country Broadcasting Services amalgamated their licence of a 2,000 watt station, intended for Narrabri, with the Inverell station under the call signal 2NZ. This major increase in power over 2AD's original 100 watts meant that the Inverell radio signal was much stronger and interference free into Glen Innes - making it easier to receive and listen to.

From the mid-1950’s 2AD had been reporting major events in the Glen Innes area, from news and sport to covering the opening of the Monier Pipe Company premises and Glen Innes - New England Experiment Farm.

In October 1958 the Station made a dedicated push into the Glen Innes market, running a weekly one hour program “Glen Innes Calling” each Thursday at 1.00pm, with some positive results.

But it wasn’t until August 1963 when the station was granted an increase in power to 2,000 watts following the installation of a new directional twin aerial system, that 2AD finally had the opportunity to capture a greater share of the Glen Innes audience. Without this new aerial system it was impossible to increase power because 2AD’s signal would interfere with a number of other stations sharing the same frequency in Australia and New Zealand.

Over the following year 2AD developed a number of programs aimed at the Glen Innes audience. “Glen Innes On The Line” was sponsored by local businesses and broadcast at 8.15am each Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

In June 1964, 2AD ran a Radio Appeal (part of the station's annual New England Network Appeal Day) in Glen Innes to aid the Glen Innes Quota Club’s Appeal for Home Units for the Aged in Glen Innes. The station set up broadcast equipment in the Glen Innes Town Hall helping the Appeal raise 96 pound 10 shillings. 

In February 1965 it was decided to establish an office and studio in Glen Innes, an upstairs area in the Wallace Chambers opposite the Town Hall in Grey Street was selected and converted for a broadcast studio and office area.

The Glen Innes Studio was officially opened at 1.00 pm on Wednesday 27th October 1965 by the Mayor of Glen Innes, Alderman Eric Potter.  Also present at the opening, the Chairman of New England Broadcasters Pty. Ltd., Dr Roy Blake; 2AD Station Manager, Mr Roy Brislan; Glen Innes Chamber of Commerce Vice-President, Mr Ralph Mundstock and A.P.P.U branch president, Mr W. A. Foot. 

Terry Gordon was appointed studio manager and announcer of the studio. Terry was an entertainer from Queensland before he moved to Glen Innes, where he became a well known local identity, performing at the Boomerang Hotel Motel each Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights, as well as regularly comparing function within the Glen Innes community.

For the week following the opening of the Glen Innes Studio, 2AD broadcast its entire Breakfast program direct from the Glen Innes studios between 6.00am and 9.00am with the station’s regular breakfast announcers Barry Pierce and Terry Gordon.

The Glen Innes Studio programs times were:
8.15am -   8.30am       Monday to Saturday
9.30am - 10.30am       Monday to Friday
1.00pm -   2.00pm       Monday to Friday
3.00pm -   4.00pm       Monday

As part of the opening celebrations, Andrea, Australia’s top-rating radio star on the Macquarie Network Station 2GB Sydney was special compare of a Radio Appeal on 2AD in Glen Innes on Sunday October 31.  The station was supported two important projects Quota’s “Home Unit for the Aged”, and the Citizens’ Youth Club fund.  The program was broadcast from 9.00am to 1.00pm

The local studio received good support from many Glen Innes businesses in the initial period. There was however the continual problem with the reception in some parts of the town and district. This was made more obvious because of the strong and interference free signal from 2NZ Inverell.

The Studio took part in many local Glen Innes community appeals and events, including the Rose Festival and Jazz Convention held each November.

In March 1967, Terry Gordon left 2AD to continue with his music career. He would criss-cross the length and breadth of Australia literally dozens of times entertaining - going on to host a weekly Country Music television show produced in Tamworth by NEN Channel 9, be named Queensland Country Music Entertainer of the Year and receive an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for his services to Country Music.

Terry Gordon’s replacement was a Glen Innes teenager Don Thomas, who would represent the station and present the Glen Innes programs until the closure of the office and studio in March 1969, due to the lack of ongoing advertiser support.

It’s interesting to note that some 19 years later, Don Thomas would become Station Manager of Radio 2AD and its FM Station FM100.3, and that in 1997 both 2AD and 2NZ would become part of the same radio group – the Bill Caralis Super Radio Network.